BRIGADE is a market-leading software package for structural analysis and design of bridge and civil structures. With BRIGADE you can quickly and efficiently create advanced models and visualize the results in an environment that is easy to learn for new users, yet highly productive for experienced users. The BRIGADE software package contains two products, BRIGADE/Standard and BRIGADE/Plus.

BRIGADE/Standard offers a highly productive modeling environment focusing on the most common bridge types: slab bridges, slab/beam bridges, integral bridges, box girder bridges, skewed bridges and curved bridges. The modeling concept is based on parametric definitions of stake-out lines, support lines and cross-sectional dimensions of the superstructure and the substructure. The various loads that affect the bridge - dead load, earth pressure, support yielding, prestress, traffic loads, temperature, wind loads and so on - can be easily generated and combined. An integrated library provides predefined loads and load combination rules in accordance with a wide range of design codes.

BRIGADE/Plus offers an easy-to-use, general modeling concept enabling the modeling of any kind of bridge or civil structure including arch bridges, cable stayed bridges, suspension bridges, tunnels, dams and high-rise buildings. In addition BRIGADE/Plus offers extended libraries of analysis procedures, elements and material models.

BRIGADE includes integrated ABAQUS solver technology, which guarantees high performance and accuracy.



Customer Values

BRIGADE is specially designed for the analysis of bridge structures in order to save time and costs during modeling and result evaluation. Using one 3D-model to analyze all the load cases saves considerable time in comparison to traditional 2D bridge analysis tools. Furthermore, using 3Dmodeling combined with optimized algorithms for moving vehicle loads reduces conservatism and will result in a more cost-efficient design solution.

BRIGADE can help your company to:
.Reduce engineering lead time and costs
.Win and manage complex projects
.Optimize the design
.Improve high-tech profile

Capability Overview

The BRIGADE software package offers a complete solution for structural analysis of bridge and civil structures:
.Easy-to-use modeling environment
.Vast range of analysis procedures
.Extensive element library
.Moving vehicle loads (static and dynamic)
.Advanced load combination
.Nonlinear material behaviour
.Geometric non-linearity
.Robust contact capability
.Complete suite of result visualization features
.CAD Import/export

Analysis Capabilities

BRIGADE provides a wide range of analysis procedures:
.Linear and nonlinear static response
.Eigenvalue buckling
.Unstable collapse and post buckling

.Natural frequency extraction
.Modal dynamic time history
.Implicit dynamic time history (linear & nonlinear)
.Steady-state dynamic response
.Response spectrum
.Random response

Heat transfer
.Transient heat transfer analysis
.Steady-state heat transfer analysis

.Sequentially coupled thermal-stress analysis

Moving Loads

BRIGADE includes a market-leading technique for evaluation of the static response of moving loads. The technique is based on influence surfaces/lines and mesh-independent traffic lane alignments. Multiple simultaneous vehicles in different lanes are handled automatically. Vehicles can be user-defined or generated from a vast library of design code specific vehicles.

In addition, BRIGADE/Plus offers efficient analysis of the dynamic response of moving loads. Vehicles can be user-defined or generated from a library of high-speed trains in accordance with Eurocode. Each vehicle is analyzed for a user-defined set of speeds. Results are automatically enveloped in order to enable efficient evaluation and reporting.